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Carlini started writing electonic music with a sampler. A chance encounter resulted in Carlini's 'Elimination of Case Comma' being released on Cartel's 'Coffee Shop 5' compilation. Then a diversion for a while as Carlini gigged with an indie rock band.

Emerging wiser from the rock band experience, Carlini's electronic music stumbled off in a lush, blippy, cinematic, pop-like direction... hand-made sounds were plundered from sources like music boxes, old car parts, broken Speak & Spells and assorted household objects.

A couple of music for advert projects occured and collaborations with vocalists, then the opportunity to remix the likes of Black Strobe, The Kills, Radiohead came up... each track being coaxed, tweaked, twisted, jacked- and smacked-up, then injected with wierd pulses and shoved back out into the light of day to find a fresh new life.

Now a new sound is emerging... dark but playful.